n Michael Crichton's The Andromeda Strain, an unidentifiable virus from a deep space probe goes on an accelerated growth spurt when it hits earth, threatening to overtake the world.

An apt metaphor, indeed, for the proliferation of internet technology: It's relatively new, mostly frightening to the uninitiated and exists in a place as eerily mysterious as distant nebulae. Remember though: most of us still have absolutely no idea how our friendly TV's work. But none of us are afraid of the tube nor does anyone doubt its power. So fear not.

As a matter of fact, rejoice. Forget the daunting lists of technical, industry-related acronyms. Forget "Cyberspace". At Four Points Digital, we have the skill and experience with this behind-the-scenes "magic", so you don't have to ever worry about "how".

Our production staff brings a rare, restrained passion to the table in that they are able to manage the inevitable — and often distracting — hype in the digital realm. At the same time, their fundamental grounding in the technical world lets them rationally and sensibly apply their expertise to projects of any complexity.