e like to call the media department our second creative department. And with good justification: no two groups work more hand in hand to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people.

While our writers and art directors are squirreled away crafting ideas and campaigns, our media people are orchestrating and crafting media plans in the "den" with them. It's tricky. It requires great detective skills. It's a combination of seat-of-the-pants thinking, solid media background, and an understanding of all the options out there in the vast sea of media. They watch TV. They read every magazine. They subscribe to Demographics Today. In short, they're as wired into the business world and cultures, pop or otherwise, as much as the creative folks.

And, finally, our high-level relationships with key internet media companies let them craft efficient, creative, and turn-key marketing solutions for our clients.

It's a tough, burn-the-midnight-oil job and we don't envy them. We're just glad they're here working with us.