t Four Points Digital, our creative department is based on the knowledge that excellent, engaging and effective work follows only from an unimpeded and honest exploration and translation of your business, customer base and competitive environment.

We believe that what's right is what's right, regardless of who is uncomfortable with it. Opinions are important, but the truth is what matters if we're to meet our clients' goals.

We know that there is no formula, because a great part of creative is intuitive, intangible and imprecise. That's the way people are, for better or worse.

Along the way, blood might be shed in the process. And that's good. Sensibilities might be tweaked. And that's good. Long-standing sacred cows might be tipped. And that's good. Why? Because status quo thinking leads to atrophied market strength through the erosion of brand equity and power.

We stress on-the-balls-of-the-feet thinking. If we're not challenged to think about your message, why should a consumer be bothered to heed it?

We believe noticing and caring about a message is not enough anymore. With the advent of the internet, the new challenge goes further: compel people to interact and respond to a client's message right at the point of contact. Anything less is failing to take advantage of the superior advantages the Web offers for any company willing to leverage its amazing potential.