Account Planning  
t Four Points Digital, we believe strongly in-and practice-the next generation, more highly-evolved branch of research called "Account Planning". It's the "implications" side of its more quantitative cousin. And we use this powerful new tool to unlock the mysteries and mine the random nuggets of consumer thinking.

Then, with these honed insights, we craft a bedrock of strategy upon which we base a client's entire communications program.

At Four Points, Account Planning is a thoroughly horizontal as well as vertical exercise that fleshes out a business and its customers in a way no pedestrian research effort can.

Basically, it's a better way to understand consumers, what they really think, and then look at the learning and give it some well-thought out perspective and dimensionality. Margaret Mead's dictum, "The act of observing affects the observed," is at the heart of it.

We know it's a more thorough and accurate way to find whatever truths exist, and to ultimately implement them into strategy and creative executions for our clients.