Account Management  
he Account Group at Four Points Digital, despite its many responsibilities, always seems to find the time to circulate through the agency relevant industry articles or scribbled URL's to the creative and media people. We wouldn't hazard a guess as to how many have "The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition" as their start-up page, but it's more than one. It's vital when a group is charged with the all-encompassing task of managing relationships with our clients and handling the day-to-day stewardship of all the projects and programs underway at any given moment.

By design, our Account Group maintains the mindset that we must contribute to the business success of our clients. Their motto: "Be and think like a brand manager."

The amount of experience we bring to the table assures the most comfortable, professional and invested relationships with our clients.

We also have extensive experience handling the inter-agency relationships that frequently occur in this growing industry. In short, our Account Group is the Ombudsman, Seer, Coach and Guru for the whole team.